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In curs de stabilire



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OMT Training will introduce the participants of the Level Two, Advanced Osteopathic and Chiropractic Manipulation Course to a whole new selection of manipulation techniques, based on our published books and research.

This 2 Day Practical Training Course will give students the following:

  • 16 hours of face to face teaching
  • Multiple HVLA Techniques and Adaptions
  • Total time 16 hours CPD
  • Continued assessment throughout the course
  • 30-45 mins written competency test for all students
  • Safe, sound and effective background in the use of cervical manipulation and neck techniques.
  • OMT Spinal Manipulation will offer participants a fantastic new skill base with which they can use within their clinical practice
  • Discuss scientific evidence for the use of manipulation techniques
  • Discuss current research for the use of Manipulation
  • Relate the use of Manipulation to the treatment of acute and chronic pain, and for a number of musculoskeletal conditions
  • Give students a high level of safety, clinical competence and overall the confidence to use manipulation techniques
  • Spinal Manipulative techniques for the following spinal sections: OA-AA and CSP, Cervical Thoracic Junction (C7-T1), Thoracic Spine (T1-T12), Ribs / GH / AC, Thoracic Lumbar Junction (T12-L1), Lumbar Spine (L1-S1) and Pelvis, Upper Extremity Techniques including elbow and hands, Lower Extremities including knee, foot and ankle

Note – This course is flexible to meet the students needs and additional or adaptive techniques maybe introduced.

Acest curs include




  • Acest curs necesita TOTI studentii sa primeasca si sa administreze manipulare
  • Studentii NU ar trebui sa participe la acest curs daca exista vreun motiv care impiedica participarea completa
  • Acest curs NU este potrivit pentru participantii gravide
  • Se vor furniza manuale de curs, iar continutul manualului va fi sustinut de o prezentare PowerPoint structurata de catre lectori
  • Se va astepta ca elevii sa ia note suplimentare cu privire la domeniile si tehnicile care vor necesita explicatii mai specifice sau clarificari detaliate
  • Manualul si PowerPoint-urile vor fi utilizate exclusiv ca memoriu auxiliar; profesorii vor adapta continutul cursului in functie de mediul sau disciplina terapeutica a studentului
  • Elevii sunt sfatuiti sa isi reimprospateze cunostintele de anatomie si fiziologie relevante inainte de a participa la curs.
  • Daca elevii nu reusesc sa arate nivelul de cunostinte cerut, li se poate cere sa paraseasca cursul.


In curs de stabilire


In curs de stabilire