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Antonio Daniele


Antonio Daniele




Total Course




Antonio Daniele, a terminat "School of Osteopathy ATSAI Still Academy" of Bari, with achievement "  in 2020

In anul 2014, University of Urbino Carlo Bo (PU), Master’s degree in Motor Science for Prevention and Health, in 2012, University of Urbino Carlo Bo (PU), Bachelor in Sports and Health Sciences, iar in 2007, ITIS "A. MEUCCI" of Casarano (LE), Maturity of Chief Mechanical Technician

Cursuri Certificate

•Advanced course in Pediatric Osteopathy "A manual approach to treatment the unsettled baby" by Miranda Clayton (B.Sc & M.Sc in Uk). January - February -March and April 2022.
•Course in Pediatric Osteopathy at ATSAI in Bari, teachers Doris Newman (D.O. F.A.A.O) and Heather Ferrill (D.O. F.A.A.O) 2019-2020
•Course of improvement of Osteopathy: "Methodics of blocks and osteopathic synthesis" achieved in July 2018, with IOMAHRE SRL at CROMON in Rome.
•Advanced course in Pediatric Osteopathy "A manual approach to breastfeeding disorders in infants" by Miranda Clayton (B.Sc & M.Sc in UK). January - February - March 2020.
• Theoretical-practical course of "Kinesio Therapy Taping" obtained in 2013, with association GES near Urbino (PU);
• Advanced course in "Kinesiology" at the University G.D'Annunzio of Chieti-Pescara with rating 30/30 in the year 2012/2013.
• Certificate of participation in the course "Channels postural method, postural exercises as prevention of trauma load" at CSEN, obtained in 2012 in Urbino.
• Certificate of "Therapeutic and Sports Massage" at Chinesport in 2011.
• Certificate of Instructor of Body Building, Cardiofitness and Circuit Training obtained in 2010 at FIF, Bari.
• FIN Rescue Certificate for internal and external waters in the year 2008 at Maglie Swimming Pool (LE).
• Nautical license achieved in year 2009, near Harbour office of Gallipoli.